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Cloudy Sky


This game teaches the child how to read words that contain the /ou/ sound.


Parent/Caregiver Instructions:  There are two ways to play this game. You can download and print instructions #1 and play it with dice and counters.  Alternatively, you can follow instructions #2 to play the game on your device using a virtual dice or slips of paper and small counters you can find around your home.

#1) Download and Print the Game:   Click on download Letter Sound Worm.  Print the game and find a dice and two small items, like buttons, pebbles or other small objects to use as counters.

#2) Play the Game on my Device:  Click on Preview Letter Sound button. If you have dice at home, you will need it for this game.  You will also need something to use as counters such as: small scraps of paper in different colours, small, dried beans or lentils in different colours, small buttons, etc.  If you do not have dice, you can use a virtual dice app on your phone.

Try and choose 6-sided dice.  Alternatively, you can write the numbers 1 to 6 on small pieces of paper, place the pieces of paper face down and choose one at each turn to determine how many spaces you should move.

How to play the game

  • Place the counters on the word START.
  • The child rolls the dice and move along the board to the place indicated.
  • The child must then read the words he/she has jumped over.
  • If this is easy for the child, you can also ask the child to create a sentence with the word he/she landed on.
  • Repeat until the word FINISH


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