Lufefe Kwetshube

At 8 years old, Lufefe Kwetshube attended the Shine Literacy Hour Programme at Observatory Junior School. He loved the programme so much that one of his best and exciting childhood experiences is the time he spent at the centre.

He became a part of the centre because at the time he needed extra literacy and academic support.

“Before attending the Shine Literacy Centre, I was struggling with my school work. After having had started with the programme, there was a positive change, both academic [and personal],”  said Lufefe.

“I was very shy at first but since I had a lovely learning partner, Leigh Anne Nathan who was kind and patient with me. She helped me to come out of that shell,” he admitted.

Now at 20 years old, Lufefe is a second year Events Management student, at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. And has come back to share some of his time as a volunteer at Zonnebloem Primary School.

“For me it’s another experience being involved with the volunteers. Before I was like the kids who were always excited to go to Shine Literacy Centre but now I’m one of the volunteers who are helping the kids with the reading and writing.”

“Being in interaction with the other volunteers it’s very amazing. They also enjoy what they do and this motivates me to do so as much as I can and share some love with the children.”

It is through volunteering that Lufefe wishes to play a part in the improvement of educational outcomes and be a meaningful resource to children in need, drawing from his journey as a child in partaking in the Programme.

“I wish that our country can take education more seriously because it is the most important tool we can use to upgrade our country,” Lufefe advised.